PCB designed for traveler 2.0


PCB has been designed and is being realised for the release version for customer. 3D model of casing adapted to the module has been finished, with the module concept integrated (you can plug a 3xAAA battery pack or a rechargable Li ion battery pack or something else clipsed to the gateway traveler module in the new conceptn with another special casing. Actual rechafrge of 3Ds has been done with the 3xAAA module pack and gateway system and it works (but not for a long time with AAA battery, only emergencies; you can use the feature for complete rechafrging with Li ion pack battery).

Only ONE potential customer wrote me an email as being potentially interested in the product. So I bought the material to design only 10 units because no interest manifested and I don’t want to waste my money with material that will fill my desk only. Prices won’t be the less possible since less possible was if I orderd material for 20 unit to furnishers.

Estimated selling price around 25€ for a unit assembled with the material I bought including the 3xAAA casing to be clipsed on the module casing (only 3xAAA version for the first release).


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