Prototype casing finalized for traveler and in progress for lithium battery circuit


Plastic casing for Gateway 3Ds traveler 2.0 finalized. Version with 3xAAA batteries operational. Lacks only a little finition for appearance (sticker on the side with labels for LED and button functions). Tested with Gateway software 3.0 and 3.1.1 launcher.dat file and compatible for 3Ds system in the range 4.0 to 9.2. Battery level adapted to the input power pack (normal power detection included). Able to be connected to the 3xAAA battery pack provided or to the Lithium ion rechargable power pack (not provided). Fits well in a 3DS classic casing or 3DS XL casing and the casing are closing each time. The price for the Gateway 3Ds traveler+AAA power pack (batteries not included)+cable for 3DS recharging with the USB output is 24€

Prototype version for the Lithium ion casing is finished. Minor modifications will occur (switch position to the side so that you can close the 3Ds XL casing without switching ON the traveler). Displays the exact voltage of the battery so that you know exactly where you are (decharged: 2.5V – normal charge: 3.7V – maximum charge: 4.2V). Charging module included with underdecharge protection and overconsumption protection. LEDs lights when charging and another one lights when total discharge (and power shutdowns). Price will be 16€ for the buyers of Gateway3Ds traveler (with included micro-USB cable to recharge, and a 2200mAh Lithium ion battery)

Demonstration of use:

Pictures of the Gateway 3DS traveler 2.0:

Pictures of the Lithium ion Battery pack:

3D models of Traveler casing: (click to enlarge)

traveler_01_a traveler_01_b traveler_02 traveler_assemblage

traveler_03_a traveler_03_b traveler_04traveler_05 traveler_05_assemblage


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