Gateway Traveler 2.0 Lithium battery pack prototype achieved

The Lithium battery pack module prototype is achieved!

The prototype was adapted with cutting tools and 3D model modified for a future print so that all will fit welll with no need of adaptation. This prototype is a tool to calibrate a finalized model, but works fine. Switch is on the side, so that the casing closes.

It fits a 3DS XL casing with the Gateway traveler and the 3DS XL casing can close with the 3DS XL inside! If you plan to put it in a 3DS classic casing, it will not fit, unless you use only the 3xAAA battery pack, suited either for a 3DS casing or a 3DS XL casing.

Here pictures of the lithium battery pack module: (click to enlarge)

lithium_picture1lithium_picture3 lithium_picture2

 Recharging lithium/ion module and charging LED indicator:


(I powered on the  lithium battery module so that we can see that charging voltage is almost 4.2 volts = max charging voltage, but with a secure voltage little drop)

Video of use and demonstration of fitting a 3DS XL casing:

Here pictures of 3D model of printed elements to assemble for lithium battery pack module: (click to enlarge)










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