eyeCam 808 Premium HD (720p) – keychaincam 808 style

I recently bought an eyeCam 808 (keychaincam 808 style) camera; HD version 720p for 29.99€ with amazon (I bought the last one with the seller I used). The intent is to put it on a mini rocket (toy rocket with one or two stages) to send in small altitudes in the air. Here a picture of what it looks like.


The device works well. video 1280×720 @ 30 FPS with a good quality (and with sound). Pictures up to 4032×3024 pixels.

My version is called “Premium HD” on the cover of the user manual.

But the user manual is provided only in german, and with no instructions it is very difficult to make it working properly. So I made english and french translations of the user manual here:

User Manual Instructions for EyeCam 808 – English Translation


Manuel Utilisateur d’Instructions Pour Camera EyeCam 808 – Traduction Française


Hope this will help in using it.

Another thing: the builder’s website is dead at the time I write this post. So I put a webarchive copy of it here:

It is usefull to download the software controller of the camera!

Use Premium version to download the tool software (or another one if you have another version like full HD 1080p):

The problem for now is that the webarchiver doesn’t download zip files. But thanks to it we have the right url to donawload and the builder’s website interface is off but zip file is available at the previous url.

And with the same trick you can download the firmware update: