Electronic TARDIS (Doctor WHO) with light and sound

Presentation of the project:

I decided to make a project for fun with my children. They are fan of Doctor WHO.

I decided to print a TARDIS for them. I Choosed this one, with empty space inside to fill-in with electronic:

The author is countspatula

Pictures from Thingverse for the original project: (click to enlarge)

source01 source02 source03 source04

Here is my own electronic mix of this project:

I wanted light effects and sound effects (playing Doctor Who Tardis sound and music theme).

3D printing of the Tardis with STL file of the author: (click on pictures to enlarge)

This is my printing with SmartrapCore 3D printer. Infill 35%, 0.2mm layers, no support.

tardis_nu tardis_nu2 tardis_nu3

Electronic schematic: (click on pictures to enlarge)

circuit_tardis pro_mini

Donwload Arduino program and Sound WAV files used for the SD card, and the STL 3D model from countspatula:

I uses the TMRpcm library for playing WAV files. But it seemed to be coded for 16MHz crystal Arduino, and playing two times too slow the WAV files. So I used Audacity to re-encode WAV files to play with a speed acceleration of 100% (so that I double the speed). Also, use a 32 000Hz rate to encode, else you will hear a noisy acute sound surimposed on your WAV file while paying. Use PCM 8 bit unsigned format to re-encode.


You must download and instal TMRpcm library to use my program:

See the Arduino program at the end of this web page.

Electronic realization: (click on pictures to enlarge)

01 02 03


Electronic filled-in inside the Tardis: (click on pictures to enlarge)

This is the moment where we can say that Tardis is bigger from inside view than oyutside view: I could fill in with many electronic modules! ūüėČ

tardis_avec_electronique tardis_avec_electronique2 tardis_avec_electronique3


Now the test of use (in the dark, for a better light effect, but my camera isn’t good enough to have the full experience! ūüôā )

 A second baby Tardis printed with only 60% of the size of the original one, filled-in with only too static LEDs:

I glued diffuse translucid paper inside so that the light from inside gives a better effect through the windows: we can’t see the electronic inside, only light!


01 02 03 0401 05

As you can see all is solederd, since battery casing was too big. I pray not to change batteries so soon….

06 07 08 09

Comparison between the big tardis (with advanced electronic) and the baby one with only LED


Arduino program for the electronic project of the big Tardis:

TARDIS electronic light and sound project for the 3D printed Tardis from here:

See the project on this website:

By Pascelectric

#include <SD.h> 
#define SD_ChipSelectPin 4  
#include <TMRpcm.h>          
#include <SPI.h>

TMRpcm tmrpcm;   // create an object for use in this sketch
int i,sens,etape;

int vert=5;
int rouge=6;
int bleu=3;
int blanc=10;
int speaker=9;

void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:
  tmrpcm.speakerPin = speaker; 

void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

  if(!(tmrpcm.isPlaying())&&(etape<=6)) {      
      if (etape==2){
      if (etape==3)
      if (etape==4){
      if (etape==5)
      if (etape==6){
  if (etape==1){  
      if ((i==0)||(i==255))
   if ((etape==2)||(etape==3)){  
      if ((i==0)||(i==120))
    if (etape==4){  
      if ((i==0)||(i==100))
     if (etape==5){  
     if (etape>=6){  
      if ((i==0)||(i==255))



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