Gateway 3DS traveler update – prototype 2.0

A new prototype version 2.0 is designed, and will be sold because some asked on a forum a ready to sell version (and after asking, not many really manifested interest anymore)

It remains an opened and DIY work, but for those non equiped with electronic and/or not skilled to do all herein, I sell this to a good price. This is not a merchand website since there will be only a small production and there is heundreds hours for this project now (electronic prototype, learning how to use PCB modeling software – I never did it before and learnt from scratch, realizing my own PCB for new prootypen, learning to use 3D modeling software – I never did it before and learnt from scratch, assembling a 3D printer in kit and setting it up to work, an open source 3D printer with no manual – I never used a 3D printer before and learnt from scratch all softwares, settings, troubles with 3D printing, all must be learnt too, printing casing with many adjustment; finding furnishers to have good price for electronic components, ordering and many troubles for having my orders arriving because there is nearby 15 different furnishers and sending troubles, soldering components, assembling, adjusting again, etc.

All programing, schematic, etc will be provided (when the product will be finalized) freely, but all this time does not worth, and very far from worthing the little bonus money added to the raw material product for each unit produced (it does not worth the job time to solder, print, assemble a unit from far too). I will not produce many units. I ordered only the material to produce 10 units. When sold, it will be finished for me. Then you will have to do the same work than I did to do the same, with my documents. As only 2 persons claimed to be interested in buying it this is big work for little interest.

Links to articles about the news in designing the version 2.0 prototype:


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