Gateway 3DS Traveler 2.0 production unit

Final production unit of Gateway 3DS Traveler 2.0

Fully assembled units or DIY kits to order and assemble by yourself


Use of the Gateway 3DS Traveler 2.0 when settings have been saved in the 3DS:

Settings of the 3DS (to do one time only, before first use of the Traveler 2.0):

Step 1: internet settings

Step 2: bookmark settings in the web Browser of the 3DS

Recharging of 3DS with the 5V USB output of the Traveler:

Description of the unit:

To know more about Gateway card for 3DS, visit here (I have no link with them, I only use it as a regular customer and decided to create a device to improve the use):

You can use the Gateway exploit for Gateway 3DS card with a 3DS system version less than 9.2 (included) only if you have a Wifi connection with internet. This is teh regular use of it. Then you connect to the Gateway website with the internet browser of the console and then the exploits goes on and you are in Gateway mode. But the problem I solved here is: when you don’t have internet wifi available, when you are outside your home, in a train, a car or anywhere with no wifi connection? Then you can’t use your Gateway. So I thought about a solution… here is the solution: the Gateway 3DS Traveler 2.0.

It creates a hotspot (ad-hoc network) with wifi, and sets up a TCP server and an HTTP server. A 3DS can connect to it and ask the webcode.

It creates a sort of “fake internet connection” for the 3DS so that the Gateway exploit can be launched in your 3DS with no internet connexion available.

Provided with the unit:

  1. Gateway 3DS Traveler 2.0 module with 5V/600mA USB output provided to recharge your 3DS or other USB device.
  2. 3 x AAA battery power module suited to plug in the Traveler to power it (with switch to power on/off), no batteries included. Economic: uses classic AAA batteries. Lasts a very long time, for thenths of use of the system.
  3. Cable with USB output to plug in the Traveler and 3DS special output to plug to your 3DS to recharge it from USB. You can recharge the 3DS (not for a long time with the AAA betteries, use the lithium module instead if you want a full recharge possibility) at 600mA (not at full capacity since 3DS consumes up to 900mA). Usefull to finish a game level and save if your 3DS power threatens to shut-off.

Can you use the Traveler?

The Traveler works for 3DS system version (sysnand) ranging from 4.0 to 9.2 (included) and it works only if you succeded in launching the Gateway card exploit in the regular way with internet. If so, then you can use the Traveler do use your 3Ds with Gateway card but without internet connexion. The Traveler only replaces the need of internet connexion.

Works for 3Ds and 3DS XL with system in the range 4.0 to 9.2. How to know your system version number: power on your 3Ds and click on the System settings. Then the version number will display.

Gateway 3DS Traveler 2.0 user’s manual

Pictures of the unit (click to enlarge):

Traveler_view0 Traveler_view1 Traveler_view2 Traveler_view3 Traveler_view4

What you get if you order the Gateway 3DS Traveler 2.0 fully assembled: (price: 24€ + 4.50€ for fast delivery standard shipping or 7.70€ for fast delivery with tracking shipping in the European Union, other destination ask me for shipping rate)

Price is 19€ if you order it as a kit to assemble yourself, instead of 24€

Traveler_shippingclick to enlarge

You can fit the Gateway 3DS Traveler 2.0 (and the AAA module and 3DS cable to recharge) in a classic 3DS casing with the classic 3DS inside and close it:

 Traveler_casing_02click to enlarge


click to enlarge

The same in a 3DS XL casing;


click to enlarge

An additional Lithium/ion rechargeable module to power your 3Ds has been created too. It allows a very big number of use before recharging is needed and you save the price of bying batteries since is uses a rechargeable Lithium battery.

A full protection system is contained inside to protect your lithium battery against:

  • Low voltage under discharge
  • High voltage over charge during the charging process
  • Over current consumption

Other features:

  • 2200mAh lithium ion battery (3.7V) with big capacity
  • LED to know if your system is charging correctly when plugged to a charging source, and a LED to indicate the end of charge.
  • With digital red LED display of the exact current voltage of your battery: you know where you go
  • Charging with micro-USB port, and a micro-USb to USB cable is provided so that you can recharge with a home adapter delivering 5V for smartphone or your PC port.
  • An output port delivering 5V/1000mA is available too, so that you can recharge your 3DS at full capacity (you can use it also to reacharge a smartphone or other USB device consuming up to 1000 mA). So with the output port of the Traveler able to deliver 5V/600mA you have too USB ports. The big capacity of the battery allow the use of both USB Ports if you want.

Gateway 3DS Traveler 2.0 Lithium battery pack user’s manual

Pictures: click to enlarge

Lithium_view0 Lithium_view1 Lithium_view2 Lithium_view3 Lithium_view4


What you get if you order the Gateway 3DS Traveler 2.0 + Lithium/ion battery module fully assembled: (price: 24€ for traveler and 16€ for lithium module = Total 40€ + 4.50€ for fast delivery standard shipping or 7.70€ for fast delivery with tracking shipping in the European Union, other destination ask me for shipping rate)


click to enlarge

You can order the lithium module alone too, for 16€.

Price is 12€ if you order it as a kit to assemble yourself, instead of 16€

You can also fit a Traveler module + Lithium ion module to power it in a 3DS XL casing and close it with the 3DS inside:


click to enlarge


One thought on “Gateway 3DS Traveler 2.0 production unit

  1. Thanks for the fast delivery! The Traveler works like a charm and is super easy to use and set up (thanks to your great instruction manual and videos). The 3D printed case does look really cool as well! This will really come in handy when I’m on vacation.

    There’s no rxTools compatibility, but that shouldn’t be such a big deal for Gateway owners. 🙂

    I’m super happy with your device and thank you very much for all the hard work you put into your project!


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